Global Beat, has been an excellent source of information and further sources for Nonviolent Change, at: Global Beat also has an E-mail list serve.

The International Crisis Group (ICG) carries regular reports and sets of recommendations about difficult developing situations around the globe, and has been an extremely helpful source of information and ideas for this journal: ICG also has a regular E-mail report circulation service that can be subscribed to on its web site.

The International Relations Center (IRC):

Europa World Plus: Europa World/Regional Surveys of the World On Line is at:

The Pulitzer Center, whose mission is to promote in-depth coverage of international affairs, focusing on topics that have been under-reported, mis-reported – or not reported at all:

Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR):

Peace Media publishes a monthly web magazine at:

The Open society Institute and the Soros Foundation:

Conciliation Resources (CR) has re-launched its website

International Peace Bureau (IPB):

The Institute for Strategic Studies:

World Security Institute and the Center for Defense Information: The World Security Institute (WSI) offers audio podcast programming in its list of interactive communication features at the iTunes Music Store, WSI’s podcasts will include audio recordings of press conferences, panel discussions, and interviews with WSI experts hosted by WSI or in collaboration with other media outlets. Download iTunes at Find WSI podcasts by searching for “World Security Institute” under the podcast section of the iTunes Music Store, or by clicking this link:, The WSI Brussels Security Blog aims to continue and expand the efforts of the World Security Institute, Brussels, to inform, stimulate, and shape the debate around the security and defense dilemmas facing Europe and the world, with a view to formulating effective and lasting solutions, posting regular commentary related to: Afghanistan, the Balkans, Darfur, ESDP, Iran, Iraq, Missile Defence, NATO, OSCE, Peace Support Operations, and Terrorism, at:

The Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA):

The International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) Program a American University web site, including bi-monthly news letters, is at: newsletter at

The Stanley Foundation, “brings fresh voices and original ideas to debates on global and regional problems. The foundation seeks a secure peace with freedom and justice, built on world citizenship and effective global governance,” is at:

The International Journal of Conflict and Violence focuses on one specific topic in each semi-annual on line issue while also including articles on other, unrelated subjects. In the Fall 2007 issue the focus will be on terrorism. The Journal is at:

Culture of Peace Online Journal is at:

The Journal of Stellar Peacemaking is at:>

Peacework Magazine, “Global Thought and Local Action for Nonviolent Social Change” (also in print), published by the American Friends Service Committee – New England, 2161 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA 02140 (617)661.6130,, is at:

The National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD)’s Learning Exchange, as of August 2007 included over 2200 resources, is at:

The Global Development Briefing, the largest circulation publication designed specifically for international development professionals, is at:

Peace and Collaborative Development Networking at:, is a free professional networking site to encourage interaction between individuals and organizations worldwide involved in development, peace, conflict resolution and related fields.

Ideologies of War and Terrorism Web Site is at:

The Peace Education Center, IIPE, and Global Campaign for Peace Education invite have a new global online initiative “the Peace Education Online Communities,” at: The Peace Education Online Community is an interactive website that enables members of the global community to communicate and interact with each other through a number of tools including: online discussions, collaborative working spaces, an updatable calendar of events, member profiles, reports of institutes, the sharing of files and papers including sample curricula and best practices from local communities, and much, much more. This web-based initiative was developed to support the members and participants of the International Institute on Peace Education, Community-based Institutes on Peace Education, and the Global Campaign for Peace Education, and other concerned educators. For more information contact:

The Plowshares site has on it a section for Syllabi from Courses Related to Peace Studies (from various sources) at:

L’Escola de Cultura Pau (School for a Culture of Peace) – Teacher Resource

offers an interactive resource targeted to teachers interested in promoting conflict transformation and peace education at school at: