The Peace and Justice Studies, Global Directory of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Programs, including a listing of journals, is now on line at:

The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue with the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Missing Pieces: A guide for reducing gun violence through parliamentary action is available from Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, 114 rue de lausanne, Geneva, Geneva 1202, Switzerland,,

The Accord incentives, sanctions and conditionality project, of Conciliation Resources (CR), exploring how international actors can positively influence conflict parties’ engagement in peacemaking through the use of incentives, sanctions and conditionality is scheduled to be published this fall as Accord Issue 19. For current projct information, and publication details go to: New Publications from CR’s Comparative Learning Project include: a series of Reflections Papers on engaging armed groups third party involvement in peace processes , and frameworks for conflict resolution; as well as a new Spanish language publication Agendas sustantivas para un paz posible (Concrete agenda for a realistic peace ), looking at experiences and case studies from Northern Ireland, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, El Salvador and Colombia. CR Films include a series produced in collaboration with CR’s Caucasus and West Africa programs, that can be viewed on-line. The Caucasus films look at the impact of conflict on life in Abkhazia and Nagorny Karabakh and the possibilities for peace. The film A Path to Peace made in Sierra Leone explores the community peace-building work of CR’s partners, Bo Peace and Reconciliation Movement and Sulima Fishing Community Development Project. These can be seen at: Dialogue through film Project documentary films by Azeri and Karabakhi journalists, about aspects of life in their societies, have been produced as part of the a year-long collaboration between CR and Internews Armenia, Internews Azerbaijan and the Stepanakert Press Club. For details go to: A 20 minute film has been produced by CR in collaboration with the Social Communications Department of Gulu Archdiocese in Uganda. Local voices: decongestion and return of internally displaced people in northern Uganda, documenting the opinions of people in IDP and decongestion camps in northern Uganda about the prospect of returning home. The film will shortly be made available on the website: For more information, including subscribing to CR E-bulletins, contact Conciliation Resources, 173 Upper Street, London, N1 1RG, Tel: +44 (0) 20 7359 7728,

Dahr Jamail, Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq is available from Haymarket Books: or (773) 583-7884. Henry Siegman, The Middle East Peace Process Scam argues that for many years The Israeli government and Bush approach to the peace process has been, and continues to be, counterproductive.

John Paul Lederach, Reina Neufeldt, and Hal Culbertson, Reflective Peacebuilding: A Planning, Monitoring and Learning Toolkit has been produced by the Kroc Institute at the University of Notre Dame and Catholic Relief Services, designed to improve peacebuilders’ abilities to learn before, during and after interventions in unpredictable conflict contexts. Electronic copies of the toolkit are available online at: and

Kenneth J. Campbell, A Tale of Two Quagmires: Iraq, Vietnam, and the Hard Lessons of War is available from: Paradigm Publishers:

United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA, State of world population 2007 – Unleashing the Potential of Urban Growth, June 2007, is available online as PDF file [108p.] at:

United Nations Publications offerings include: Thinking Outside the Box in Multilateral Disarmament on Arms Control Negotiations (292 pp. for $35); Developing a Mechanism to Prevent Illicit Brokering in Small Arms and Light Weapons: Scope and Implications (220 pp. for $26); and European Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons and Explosive Remnents of War: Final Report (92 pp. for $18), all from United Nations Publications, 1 UN Plaza, DC2-853f, Dept. D218, New York, NY 10017 (800)253-9646, (212)963-8302,

Peace Action, the largest peace organization in the United States, is the subject of a new book, Glen H. Stassen and Lawrence S. Wittner, Eds., Peace Action: Past, Present, and Future, published to coincide with the 50th anniversary celebration of the peace group. The book is available in paper and cloth from Paradigm Publishers:

The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research has published a presentation of human rights theory and practices in Islam and Christianity by Farhang Jahanpour. The author points to the fundamental need for dialogue as the only road to peace. For access to the publication go to:

George Monbiot, Heat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning is $22 cloth from South End Press:

Writings on the Environment by Mike Tidwell: The Ravaging Tide: Strange Weather, Future Katrinas, and the Coming Death of America’s Coastal Cities (195 pp. for $14, paper from Free Press, New York);

Exporting calamity: Katrinas for everyone; Coming soon to a coast near you.”: An article from: World Watch [HTML] (Digital for $9.95,

The Pearson Papers creates a forum where researchers and practitioners examine current practices, critically evaluate successes and failures, and predict emerging trends in peace operations. In 2006-2007, The Pearson Papers focused on measuring effectiveness and the practical application of integrated mission planning in peace operations. For more information contact, Editor, The Pearson Papers, Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, 1125 Colonel By Drive, HCI, Suite 5110, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6, Canada,,

The Kroc Institute at the University of Notre Dame and Catholic Relief Services are offer a new publication: John Paul Lederach, Reina Neufeldt, and Hal Culbertson, Reflective Peacebuilding: A Planning, Monitoring and Learning Toolkit, designed to improve peacebuilders’ abilities to learn before, during and after interventions in unpredictable conflict contexts. Electronic copies of the toolkit are available online at:


Journal of Globalization for the Common Good, the journal of Globalization for the Common Good, is available at:

The Journal of Peacebuilding & Development is published three times a year. To glimpse sample pages or subscribe, go to:

The World Security Institute has begun publishing Arab Insight, a quarterly journal dedicated to bringing Middle East perspectives to Washington. The journal is available on line by going to: Fro more information contact Whitney Parker, (202)797-5287,

The World Security Institute will publish first edition of Caucasus Context in the spring of 2007. Caucasus Context is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary journal focused on regional integration and cooperation between the three South Caucasus republics: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The journal will offer in-depth analyses and commentaries on issues pertinent to the region, including perspectives from individuals in the media, government, civil society and academia. We welcome guest opinions, articles, and contributions. To receive a free subscription via E-mail go to:

The Stanley Foundation publishes series of Policy Dialogue Briefs, and Policy Briefs, as well as the quarterly Courier, on peace related policy issues, most of which can be obtained at no charge. For the complete list contact The Stanley Foundation, 209 Iowa Ave., Muskatine, IA 52761 (563)264-1500,,

The ABA Human Rights Committee weekly newsletter is available at no cost for human rights attorneys, activists and educators by visiting: The listserve can be joined by sending an email to: or by going to the website.

The Journal of Peace Education, sponsored by the Peace Education Commission of the International Peace Research Association, understands peace education as education for the achievement of a nonviolent, ecologically sustainable, just and participatory society. To subscribe, view on line copies or to see submission details, go to: :

he Human Rights University Network and the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) publishes the International Journal on Human Rights on Transitional Justice twice a year, distributed free of charge in over 100 countries in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The Journal aims at disseminating a Global Southern perspective on human rights and tofacilitate exchange among professors and activists from the Global South without disregarding contributions from other regions. For more information go to:

The Journal of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies has begun publication. For information go to:

New videos from the Chiapas Media Project”: A Very Big Train Called the Other Campaign, 2006, 39:00 Min., Spanish w/English subtitles, shows the January 2006, tour of the Mexico, by Subcomandante Marcos, in La Otra (The Other Campaign), the Zapatista initiative launched in an effort to evolve new forms of governance in Mexico and beyond; and Letters for our Words, on Zapatista Education. Videos can be purchased from Chiapas Media Project (773)504-4144,,

Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) Newsletter is an independent UK-based organization of scientists, architects, engineers, and technologists promoting ethical science, design and technology. To receive their newsletter visit:>


Mahatma Gandhi News Digest, a weekly is a web service by GandhiServe  Foundation. To receive the digest visit:>

Global Education News is a monthly electronic newsletter published by the Council of Europe’s North-South Centre. Global Education News is a platform where national global education coordinators can share global education news and events, useful thematic links and educational materials. Global education is understood to encompass development education, human rights education, education for sustainability, education for peace and conflict prevention and intercultural education – the global dimensions of education for citizenship. The May 2007 issue of the newsletter can be found in both HTML and PDF at:

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) members Len and Libby Traubman, founders of the long-running Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group of San Mateo, CA, have created two great DVDs. The first film, Dialogue at Washington High,” (43 Min.) shows a Jew and a Palestinian modeling how to connect with the “other” beginning with personal Story. Tenth grade high school students then engage each other in dyads with a new quality of listening, and the diverse youth speak about their new way of communicating. The 43-minute DVD, can be ordered free at: The second film, PEACEMAKERS: Palestinians & Jews Together at Camp, shows how a Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue at a camp in the California mountains with 140 Muslims, Jews and Christians of all ages, including some from Israel and Palestine brings the participants to discover one another and their ability to communicate and cooperate in new ways. Later, it shows them holding a public event in San Francisco to tell the community about their struggles and breakthroughs. This 83-minute film can be ordered at no cost at NCDD has additional videos on line at:

Marshall Rosenberg, The Nonviolent Communication Training Course is a set of 9 CDs from Sound’s True, P.O. Box 8010, Boulder, CO 80306 (800)333-9185,www,